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About 8 hours before each UFC event starts, all participants will be asked to make their predictions.



Contestants can choose the winners of 5 fights. The main and co-main fights are mandatory for predictions.



The game lasts for 10 UFC tournaments. But if there's a draw, it can keep going until someone wins.



If a contestant guesses the outcome of a fight, the fighter's odds are added to their total score. If the fight was canceled, declared a no contest or ended in a draw, no points will be awarded.


Double bet

It is possible to make a double bet on one of the fights of the whole card. In case of a correctly guessed outcome, the fighter's odds are doubled and added to the total score of the participant, otherwise - deducted from it.


Bonus point

There will be a bonus point if the contestant correctly guesses all 5 fights.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is completely free to use.

This is an alpha version. So, it may happen. All errors will definitely be fixed.

Before each UFC tournament, you will receive an appropriate invitation to make a prediction in advance. As a rule, it happens about 8 hours before the start.

The bot does not collect any personal information. It uses only public info like Telegram ID, name/nickname and avatar (if available).

All material is taken from public sources and copyrighted by the UFC.

If no odds can be obtained, the standard value x1.1 is used.